KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES - February 13, 2019


Dance Pics are Next Month!

The sitting fee for upcoming dance pictures is due on or before February 20th.  Remember, this is only applicable if you are having individual shots taken. There is no charge to be in the group photo!

Dance pictures are March 22-28. The exact schedule should come out in late Feb.



Boxes are arriving daily...and we can't wait for you to see the beautiful costumes you get to have for our spring show! Please remember that account balances must read ZERO for dancers to receive costumes. You can check with Miss Debbie or online. If you have questions or  concerns, please let us know.

Reminders for Dancers and Parents

If there is a spill or a problem in the restrooms, please notify Miss Debbie immediately - even if you're going to clean it up yourself.

Classes missed for inclement weather or illness can be made up in a similar age-group. This is not a requirement, but if you want to do so, you're welcome to. You can find the make up schedule here.

If you have not received your complementary lunch box, please let Miss Debbie know ASAP.


Congratulations are in order


Kudos to the following dancers for representing us beautifully at CDM Preliminaries in Albemarle: Anna Grace Anderson, MaryAnna Bailey, Alyssa Ballinger, Ava Bass, Olivia Edwards, Grace Golds, Mara Hall, Molly Hefner, Emilia Krenz, Sophie Perry, Avery Kate Robinson, and Adrian Shoemaker.


Big CONGRATS to Macy Elliott in Teen Miss Dance of NC and to Henna Reid as a finalist in Miss Dance of NC.


Big CONGRATS to Claire Anderson and MargieLynn Mayberry for advancing to the finals for Petite Miss Dance of NC,