So what does Studio 68 mean? 

Both Miss Natalie and Miss Stephanie (and the rest of our staff!) grew up dancing here in Wilkes County. Our teacher, Miss Margie Canipe, taught us many things that made us strong, caring, successful people. She inspired respect, passion, and determination in us and countless others throughout her lifetime.

Miss Margie was an amazing person, a talented dancer, and a respectable business owner. And she happened to start her business in the basement of her home in 1968.

Our hope has always been to carry on that legacy in a way that would make her proud. Thus, Studio 68 for Dance and Performing Arts opened its doors in May 2005. For a few months, we operated out of the old Sandy Smalling's classrooms on 9th Street in North Wilkesboro, but in October 2005, we moved into our current home at 1107 Walnut Circle.