our classes

Ballet and Pointe


Ballet emphasizes balance, control, and grace. It is the foundation for all forms of dance. Classes are offered to girls age 2 and up and boys who are at least 4 years old.

Pointe classes are available to intermediate and advanced students age 11 and older with at least 3 years of serious ballet training. Students must continue to be enrolled in a weekly ballet class. Pointe class can be taken only with instructor permission. 



Tap focuses on combining rhythm and sound with music. This class is available to boys and girls who are in Kindergarten and up.



Jazz has several styles, from blues to pop to hip-hop. Our jazz students will be exposed to many different styles. It's offered to students 4 years old and up. Because we believe so strongly in proper technique creating strong, safe dancers, students must continue taking ballet in order to enroll in jazz class.



Lyrical dance is strongly influenced by both ballet and jazz styles. It will strengthen complete dance and performance skills and emphasizes musicality and expression through dance. This class is available to any student in 2nd grade and up. Students must also continue taking ballet to enroll in lyrical.



Hip-Hop has evolved from street dancing into one of the most popular styles of dance today. This class is available to any student in Kindergarten and up. No previous experience or other classes are required.



Acrobatics focuses on basic tumbling and mat work that would be beneficial for dancers, such as cartwheels, partner tricks, and walkovers to name a few. Acro is offered to students in Kindergarten and up. Students looking for cheerleading stunts or power tumbling should visit our neighbor, Yadkin Valley Gymnastics.