Register for Summer and Fall 2019



Our 15th Anniversary Season begins in September. Current students can register TODAY!

Remember: the order in which you register is the order in which you choose next year's recital seats! So the earlier you register, the better your seats will be for the 2020 recital.

**WE ARE SWITCHING TO DANCE STUDIO PRO** (rather than DanceWorks)

This program has a ton of features, including text reminders, ability to pre-pay, and an app for your phone (once we get set up)! We are still learning too, so bear with us, but trust that this is a good move!

Step 1: Set up your account HERE. Scroll down to "First time here" and choose "Create Account"

Step 2: Enter all your info as the account owner. Choose "Add a student" and enter his/her info.

Step 3: Class Registration - you can register for SUMMER 2019 and/or FALL 2019-SPRING 2020.

**For Summer 2019, just select the classes/camps you want.

**For Fall 2019-Spring 2020, select the SUBJECTS your dancer wants to take. IE: if your dancer wants to take Hip Hop and Ballet, choose those. We will build the actual schedule in June and you'll receive an email with your schedule and other options. You can make adjustments then. Super simple!

Step 4: Enter payment information and your registration will be complete. NOTE: ACH IS THE PREFERRED METHOD AS THERE IS NO SERVICE CHARGE TO YOU. There is no registration fee for SUMMER classes. For FALL, a $30 registration fee will be charged.

A couple things to note:

1) We will now require each account to have either ACH or a credit card on file. ACH is PREFERRED, as there is no service charge. There is a 2.5% service charge for credit/debit cards.

2) Don't freak out - you do NOT have to use ACH or your credit card all the time! It is required for registration, but for TUITION you can still choose to pay with cash or check. As always, payments are due by the 5th of the month. If you prefer to pay with cash/check, simply do so before the 5th. If you don't, we will run ACH and Credit Cards so that you don't have to worry about it.


This is new for us too, so bear with us! We are happy to help!